What impact did Bitcoin 2020’s Halving have?

Many experts say that the behavior of cryptomoney was impacted by the first two Bitcoin Halves of 2012 and 2016. They predict a new record for the largest cryptomoney on the market after the Bitcoin Halving 2020.

Habemus Halving: Bitcoin miners‘ reward goes to 6.25 BTC
Investors remain optimistic even after Bitcoin’s Halving
Overall, Bitcoin’s Halving followed the expectations of many amateur and professional analysts.

Many subscribed to the idea that the Bitcoin Halving event already had a price. And given the global economic uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus, few expected Bitcoin to achieve a double- or triple-digit recovery.

The crypto Twitter was a hotbed throughout the event. Data from The TIE, an alternative data provider for digital assets, shows that during the last 24 hours, tweets from accounts related to cryptomonies saw an increase in mentions of keywords for the halving and Bitcoin.

The digital asset still leads as the best performing asset so far this year, with a significant advantage compared to traditional markets and commodities.

Top 10 Tweets of Halving Bitcoin 2020 coverage

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao offered expectations regarding halving
During the Binance Halving Party, the CEO of Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, took advantage of the / / / / 2020 Halving moment to offer his expectations this May 11.

The CEO said that for the next Halving there will be more adoption of the stablecoins, as well as the state crypts (CBDC), in the case of China, which will cause a race by the other countries to be in tune in this area.

He also said that there will be less Bitcoin in the market, while there will be more trust money.