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• The article discusses the importance of self-awareness and how it can help people to make better decisions, increase their level of success, and improve their emotional well being.
• Self awareness involves recognizing one’s own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and values, as well as understanding how these influence behaviour.
• It is important to be aware of what motivates one’s actions in order to be able to make better decisions and lead a more fulfilling life.

What is Self Awareness?

Self awareness is the ability to recognize one’s own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and values. Understanding how these aspects of oneself influence behavior can help people make better decisions and understand why they act in certain ways. Being self aware also helps with problem solving skills and overall emotional wellbeing.

The Benefits of Self Awareness

Being self aware can have many benefits including better decision making skills, increased level of success due to greater understanding of motivations behind actions taken, improved relationships with others due to empathy for their perspectives on situations, and increased emotional stability due to being able to identify emotions before they become overwhelming or cause distress. Additionally, having a clear sense of self allows individuals to live authentically by staying true to themselves even when faced with external pressures or influences from peers or society.

How To Develop Self Awareness

Developing self awareness requires practice and dedication but it is possible for anyone who puts in the effort. Some things that can help include journaling about thoughts and feelings each day; reflecting on past experiences; being mindful throughout the day; taking time for introspection; participating in meditation or yoga practices; asking friends or family members for feedback on your behavior; reading books related to personal growth; reaching out for professional help if needed; or engaging in activities that challenge you mentally such as puzzles or debates.

Practicing Self Awareness

Once one has developed an understanding of their individual thoughts, feelings, beliefs and values they should actively work towards practicing this new found knowledge by being open minded when presented with different perspectives than their own; considering all options before making decisions based on what aligns most closely with personal values; looking at situations objectively instead of through an emotionally charged lens; setting healthy boundaries with others by communicating clearly about needs/wants/expectations; monitoring reactions before responding impulsively; listening attentively without passing judgement or forming opinions prematurely; embracing mistakes as learning opportunities instead viewing them as failures etcetera.


In conclusion having an established sense of self awareness leads to healthier relationships both personally and professionally which improves quality of life significantly over time. While developing this trait requires effort it is worth it because the benefits are numerous including increased success levels due to making sounder decisions rooted in personal truth rather than external influences combined with improved physical health due less stress related issues caused by misunderstanding oneself or feeling overwhelmed in challenging circumstances etcetera.