Ripple promises to respond blow by blow to SEC ‚attacks‘

Ripple promises to respond blow by blow to SEC ‚attacks‘

Ripple has issued a press release inviting the crypto world to also hear its side of the story in its dispute with the SEC

XRP’s value is in freefall following a wave of delistings from many major exchanges, Ripple Labs released a statement on Tuesday, vowing Crypto Trader to respond to the charges brought against the company by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The statement opens with the following message:

„The public and the press have only heard the story from the SEC’s point of view, we will respond in a few weeks to dismantle these unfounded allegations against Ripple.“

The statement claims that the SEC is attacking Ripple to bring down the entire US crypto industry, and that for years the company has been fighting for greater regulatory clarity regarding digital assets, but has not been heard. Some analysts believe that Coinbase’s decision to suspend XRP trading from January could spell the end for the digital asset, as Ripple is about to embark on what is likely to be a multi-year dispute with the SEC.

Coinbase’s decision came as no surprise to insiders, as the exchange’s IPO now seems imminent

Since the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple for allegedly violating securities laws, several exchanges have decided to remove XRP to avoid regulatory and reputational backlash. Ripple claims that the lawsuit „has already affected countless XRP holders, who have no direct connection to Ripple.“

In the meantime, Ripple will continue to operate and support all of its products outside of the United States:

„Most of our customers are not located in the US; overall, most XRPs are traded outside the US. There are clear rules for the use of XRP in the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Singapore, for example.“

As previously reported by Cointelegraph, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse believes his company will still be successful regardless of how the SEC chooses to classify XRP, given that over 90% of RippleNet users are located overseas.

Few within the crypto industry have defended Ripple against the SEC’s accusations. Even Coin Center, a Washington-based think tank working to increase cryptocurrency adoption, says it can’t argue that XRP isn’t a security.

Ripple in the death spiral – Coinbase stops trading in XRP

Ripple faces a potential disaster with XRP. Since the SEC announced that it would take action against Ripple, many of the company’s partners have dropped out, distanced themselves from XRP and partially withdrawn from the stock exchanges.

The SEC has brought proceedings against Ripple and its initiators, Chris Larsen and Brad Garlinghouse, of selling an unregistered security and manipulating the market. This is no less than $ 1.3 billion.

Ripple and XRP are at the fore

The official SEC announcement has spread like wildfire in the community. As a result, the XRP price collapsed extremely and there is no end in sight. Since the peak at the end of November, the ripple price has plummeted by more than 70%. In the Bitcoin Champion exchange pair even by more than 80%.

The sharp slump was mainly associated with various exchanges that have removed XRP from the program for certain regions or entirely. Yesterday, the largest American exchange – Coinbase – also announced that it would stop trading XRP for the time being . As a result, the ripple price collapsed even further.

It is currently not yet clear what will happen to Ripple and the two initiators. It may well be that a large fine has to be paid but XRP is not classified as a security.

On the other hand, there is still the risk that XRP will be classified as a security after all. Such a decision would not only be dramatic for the further price development, but also for Ripple itself. Because the company still lives from the regular sales of its own XRP. This would turn the SEC Ripple off the money.

Ripple about to end?

The XRP Ledger runs relatively independently of Ripple itself, but without the company behind it, with the various software solutions where XRP is used, the XRP Ledger will die in the long term or at least become more and more irrelevant.

Without Ripple and all the partners there is no need for a bridge currency that is highly volatile, depends on the Bitcoin rate, is largely in the hands of a company and was created at the push of a button. We already have more than enough of such cryptocurrencies and none of them represent a revolution or the like.

The dream of a global means of payment or a bridge currency for international payments is currently off the table. There is little hope that the tide will turn for Ripple anytime soon.

In addition, one of Ripple’s most important partners – MoneyGram – has distanced itself from Ripple and XRP .

At the moment one can only wait and warn all investors. There is currently little hope of a swift recovery. The process could take weeks or months and drive the price down further and further.

As always, we will keep you up to date and inform you immediately as soon as there is anything new in relation to the process.

Instytucje „ wydają się przegapić “ podczas rajdu Bitcoin do nowego rekordu wszech czasów: raport

Wydaje się, że inwestorzy instytucjonalni generalnie przegapili wzrost bitcoina do nowego rekordowego rekordu powyżej 24000 USD, ponieważ podczas gdy inwestorzy detaliczni wykorzystywali swoje długie pozycje, instytucje ograniczały swoje pozycje i osiągały zyski.

Zgodnie z raportem opublikowanym przez OKEx Insight , otwarte zainteresowanie osiągnęło nowy rekord wszechczasów na poziomie 8,9 miliarda dolarów w ciągu weekendu, a spółka OKEx była liderem z 1,6 miliarda dolarów w otwartych transakcjach.

Podobnie, bezterminowe swapy BTC spowodowały, że ich cena rynkowa przekroczyła cenę indeksu, gdy stopy finansowania osiągnęły nowy szczyt

Według OKEx Insight, nadmierne stopy finansowania wskazują na rosnącą dźwignię na rynku, co oznacza, że ​​inwestorzy detaliczni handlujący na giełdach kryptowalut lewarowali swoje długie pozycje, gdy cena BTC wzrosła do nowego rekordowego poziomu.

Powołując się na dane z Chicago Mercantile Exchange, która zakończyła się tuż przed przekroczeniem poziomu 20 000 USD przez BTC, OKEx zauważył, że otwarte odsetki „konsekwentnie spadały w ciągu ostatnich trzech okresów sprawozdawczych”, co „nadal pokazuje, że inwestorzy instytucjonalni osiągali zyski i że przegapił najnowszy zlot ”.

W raporcie dodaje się, że długie pozycje zarządzających aktywami spadły z 544 do 492 przed wzrostem, podczas gdy pozycje krótkie wzrosły z 11 mln do 26.

Długie pozycje funduszy lewarowanych podobnie spadły z 4365 do 3946, podczas gdy pozycja krótka spadła z 9354 do 8702

OKEx Insight pisze, że spadające pozycje i rosnące pozycje krótkie wskazują, że zarządzający aktywami i fundusze lewarowane „nie zdołały przewidzieć wzrostu cen” i błędnie ocenili przełamanie wzrostowe rynku, prawdopodobnie wierząc, że opór o wartości 20 000 USD utrzyma się.

W miarę zbliżania się daty rozliczenia kwartalnych kontraktów terminowych i opcji oczekuje się większej zmienności na rynku, ponieważ w przypadku dużej liczby wygasających opcji cena może przesunąć się w kierunku punktu „Max Pain”, który jest ceną wykonania dla najbardziej otwartego kontraktu stawia i dzwoni.

OKEx napisał, że cena Max Pain wynosi około 23 750 USD, a ruch w jej kierunku „spowodowałby straty finansowe dla największej liczby posiadaczy opcji po wygaśnięciu.

Man loses $258,000 in Bitcoin after falling into phishing

Ledger had the data leaked in October this year and since then several people have reported similar cases on Reddit and Twitter.

Magic Internet Money podcast presenter Brad Mills shared an incident in which a man lost $50,000 (approximately $258,000) after falling in a Ledger phishing scam. The amount would be the saving of a victim’s life.

In August the Ledger company had leaked customer data and most users of the famous hardware wallets had their emails exposed. According to several screenshots in cryptomaniac communities, the scammers who had access to the mailing list started sending phishing to the victims in an attempt to steal the bitcoins.

Although the subject has been widely publicized, the possibility of someone opening one of these emails is becoming almost inevitable. A victim ended up falling for the scam and lost $50,000 after downloading a fake software.

Hey @Ledger you need to keep sending phishing warnings to all of your customers!

People are losing their savings because of the hack!

Get in front of it, continually send out purposeful emails to your customers *just* about the hack!

A common tactic that scammers use is to send an alert email informing that the user needs to update the device in order to, amazingly, not be a victim of scams.

The message even cites data leakage and that the user’s coins are at risk.

„If you received this email it is because you have been affected by the security hole, please download the most updated version from the link below“.

If the user clicks on the link and installs the software he ends up configuring a new PIN of the wallet and sends the cryptomoedas to the scammers.

Ledger had the data leaked in October this year and since then several people have reported similar cases on Reddit and Twitter.

The company says users should not download updates from a site that is not the official site. Ledger also said that the initial phrase of recovery should never be inserted in any site, as Ledger never requests such information from users.

The company has committed to taking proactive measures to prevent the scams from continuing to happen.

„Ledger users are continually targeted for phishing attacks on social media, search engines and via email. Scammers are able to mimic the Ledger site, content or applications perfectly to attract users to enter their 24-word recovery phrase. Please be very cautious. If you are asked to provide your recovery phrase OR send assets, it is a scam“. Says the company on its website.

The company also cites the following security measures:

Reminder: Anyone with access to your 24-word recovery phrase can take your assets.
Never insert your 24-word recovery phrase anywhere other than your Ledger device.
Ledger will never ask for your 24-word recovery phrase.
Use only official Ledger contact.

Cómo reclamar el Token de Flare Networks en el Airdrop XRP

Aprende a participar en el próximo lanzamiento de chispa para los poseedores de XRP

  • Los tokens de la Chispa de Flare Network (FLR) serán distribuidos en base a las existencias de XRP a las 00:00 UTC del 12 de diciembre.
  • Numerosos intercambios apoyarán el lanzamiento aéreo de la ficha de la Chispa.
  • Aunque Flare fotografiará los balances de XRP este mes, los tokens FLR no se distribuirán hasta 2021.

Flare Networks, una startup respaldada por Ripple, comenzará a distribuir su ficha de Chispa (FLR) a través de un lanzamiento aéreo que comienza esta semana.

Tokenomics de Chispa

Hay muchas maneras de participar en el lanzamiento aéreo, pero los usuarios elegibles deben tener XRP para poder recibir los tokens FLR.

Los participantes recibirán fichas de Spark en base a su saldo de XRP el 12 de diciembre de 2020 a las 00:00 UTC. Los BitQT tokens de chispa serán distribuidos cuando Flare Networks entre el primer y segundo trimestre de 2021.

El suministro total de tokens de FLR es de 100 mil millones, y la base de usuarios colectiva de Flare Networks podrá reclamar 45 mil millones de FLR a través del lanzamiento aéreo. Los detalles de la distribución dependerán del total de XRP que se tenga.

La primera ronda de distribución en el lanzamiento de Flare Networks transferirá a los usuarios el 15% del monto total de la reclamación. Los usuarios recibirán el resto en los próximos 25 a 34 meses.

Se han planteado inquietudes sobre el conflicto de intereses. Ripple Labs, uno de los mayores poseedores de XRP, podría hipotéticamente obtener una gran parte de los tokens de FLR lanzados al aire. Sin embargo, Flare Networks ha excluido a Ripple Labs y a ciertos empleados del lanzamiento aéreo, lo que evitará que la propiedad de la FLR se centralice.

Cómo reclamar las fichas de chispa

La forma más fácil de reclamar las fichas FLR es mantener el XRP en un intercambio que soporte el lanzamiento aéreo. Estos intercambios están listados en la página web de Flare Network aquí. La lista incluye los principales intercambios como Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, Bitstamp y otros.

Inmediatamente después del anuncio del lanzamiento aéreo, hubo incertidumbre sobre si algunos de esos intercambios estaban totalmente preparados para apoyar el lanzamiento aéreo. Sin embargo, en los últimos días, los principales intercambios como Coinbase y Kraken han confirmado que participarán en el lanzamiento aéreo.

Si usted planea reclamar la Chispa en su propia cartera del Etereo en lugar de a través de un intercambio, siga estas instrucciones. La fecha límite para reclamar las fichas de FLR es el 11 de junio de 2021.

Por qué es importante la bengala

Flare Networks está intentando introducir una funcionalidad parecida a la del Etereo en el XRP Ledger. Flare es compatible con los contratos y aplicaciones inteligentes Ethereum. Además, las carteras Ethereum como Metamask y Ledger han decidido apoyar el lanzamiento aéreo, lo que significa que los usuarios podrán utilizar esas carteras con las aplicaciones de Flare.

Hasta ahora, la recepción ha sido positiva. En noviembre, el número de nuevas direcciones XRP se disparó debido a la publicidad del proyecto, ya que las nuevas activaciones de cuentas aumentaron de 1.250 a 7.500.

Grayscale reports growing demand for ETH from new investors

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Ethereum is attracting interest from new investors, according to Grayscale

According to Michael Sonnenshein, managing director of Grayscale Investments, there is a wave of interest from new investors in Ethereum. Sonnenshein made the comment when speaking in an interview with Bloomberg at the end of last week.

Grayscale is a crypto investment company whose crypto trusts allow investors to acquire and hold crypto assets. The company is among the leading institutions with large reserves in Bitcoin. Earlier this month, Grayscale announced the purchase of 7,300 Bitcoins. This was followed by an addition of $140 million Bitcoin to the company’s reserve four days later, on December 4.

The investment company currently has custody of about $10 billion in BTC. But its investors are now looking beyond the Bitcoin, which surpassed its previous record (2017) at the end of last month.

Discussing the growing interest in cryptomorphs, Sonnenshein said the new institutional money is seeing Ethereum as a viable investment. He explained that he had noticed a leaning towards Ethereum this year.

In the third quarter of the year, institutional investors accounted for 17% of the new money in their Ethereum fund. This statistic in itself implies that even large investors see Ethereum as a solid investment.

On the other hand, the price of cryptomeda has risen, mainly due to the growing DeFi sector, which is mainly focused on Ethereum. It is no surprise that cryptomoeda outperformed Bitcoin in 2020. In recent months, the price of Ethereum has risen 360% compared to the 170% increase in Bitcoin.

Although other blockchain projects such as TRON have tried to enter the DeFi space, Ethereum remains the blockchain of choice. In September, Mike McGlone, strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence, noted that Ethereum appeared to be maintaining its status as a platform in the decentralised financial sector.

However, the price of Ethereum is still far from its record low in January 2018. Cryptomoeda is currently trading at $595 – 57. 5% far from its record $1,400.